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Еnergo-Prо Еnergy Services ЕООD
The company supplies electricity to the largest clients of the group of Energo-Pro and the supply is based on concrete load schedules and forecasts of the clients. In order to provide attractive proposals the company actively operates on the emerging whole sale market in Bulgaria. Energo-Pro Energy Services EOOD in one of the first licensed coordinators of a standard balancing group and among the largest.

• product and services – as from July 2010 we provide to our clients a safety system for reducing the risk, costs and time for complex services, called Energo-Pro Energy Monitoring ;
• optimizing the costs of imbalance of our clients, precise forecasting of clients’ consumption and reducing the costs of imbalance ;
• reliable partnership – secure supply of electric power, active support in the process of registration on the free market;
• correctness – provision of updated information about the novelties on the electricity market, administration of the whole process of the supply of electric power at freely negotiated prices;
• expertise.


ENERGO-PRO Bulgaria EAD is the biggest private producer of electricity from hydro power plants (HPPs) in Bulgaria. With a total installed capacity of 166 MW and average annual production of 410 GWh we are also the largest private generator of renewable energy in the country.

ENERGO-PRO Bulgaria EAD was established in 2000 as a result of the international expansion policy of the parent company ENERGO-PRO a.s. Presently we own and operate fourteen hydropower plants (HPP). Ten of the plants are united in four cascades - Sandanska Bistritsa Cascade, Pirinska Bistritsa Cascade, Koprinka Cascade and Petrohan Cascade.

Our priority is to increase the power generation levels and improve the reliability of our HPPs through professional and cost-effective investments in rehabilitation and modernization. We have already achieved a stable growth in production rates by excellence in the technical operations, optimization of the work flow and minimization of unprocessed water losses.

ENERGO-PRO Bulgaria EAD is an active partner to energy sector authorities in the process of liberalization of the local electricity market. Our company is a pioneer participant in free electricity trade and has proven itself as a reliable and flexible source of electricity in the region.

Since June 2012 ENERGO-PRO has taken over the distribution and supply of electricity in Northeastern Bulgaria. The company operates through Energo-Pro Grids AD and Energo-Pro Sales AD, being a major shareholder in both companies.

Energo-Pro Grids AD main business activities are exploitation of electricity distribution grid, electricity transmission, distribution and power supply on a service territory of nearly 30 000 sq.km in Northeastern Bulgaria.  Current status shows:
- 42 125 km distribution network
- 5.5 TWh supplied electricity
- 2006 employees

Energo-Pro Sales AD is supplier of electricity to more than 1,2 million customers and provides related services.

Energo-Pro Тrading ЕАD
Realizes over 1 million Euro of trading turnover and is striving for constant growth
Offers to its clients:
• flexibility in forecasting
• products to suit their needs
• timely and quick reaction to the changing conditions at the free market
• reliability and trust
• organizing and concluding large scale trading agreements
New branch on the territory of Romania, trading license

Major focus of the company:
• optimization of the Group’s portfolio
• to strengthen the Group’s position in Central and Southeastern Europe
• to implement a considerable growth in trading turnovers
• to supply electric power to business clients in the region
• to become a reliable partner – implementation of the Group’s strategy for global portfolio will provide constant and quick reaction to the diverse market situations and at the same incessant optimization of the trans-border flows through carefully developed strategy for market risk management

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