Alpaslan II dam hydro project

The Project consists of a dam and HEPP, new roads, an electric transmission line (ETL) and other supporting infrastructure necessary for its construction. The Project has been subject to previous environmental and social studies to meet Turkish regulatory requirements and is currently in the construction stage.

  • Location: Turkey
  • Business sector: Power and energy
  • ESIA disclosed: 09-April-2014
  • ESIA Summary:
  • EIA Summary:
    • Alpaslan II EIA report: [pdf]
    • Alpaslan II EIA report - appendices: [pdf]
    • Alpaslan II EIA report - preparers: [pdf]
    • Alpaslan II EIA report - relocation roads project: [pdf]

Authorisation of ESIA: [pdf] original in Czech and English translation [pdf].